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Comment 0. You've worked out a business plan, a scaling plan, and Ashton Kutcher is an angel investor.

Oracle linux certified hardware

The Oracle Linux operating system is engineered for open cloud infrastructure. It delivers leading performance, scalability, reliability and security for enterprise SaaS and PaaS workloads as well as traditional enterprise applications. Unlike many other commercial Linux distributions, Oracle Linux is easy to download and completely free to use, distribute and update.

Chevy g30 van

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Green lines on phone screen

When iPhone broken screen shows vertical lines, many iPhone users tend to panic. The good news, however, is that those vertical lines on the screen are a fixable issue no matter whether you use an iPhone X or iPhone 5 and therefore, you shouldn't get frustrated.

Free obs graphics

Grow your audience in style with our professionally designed graphics made for streamers. We have a unique selection of premium Twitch overlays, offline banners, panels, alerts, stream packages and more, all designed to help your channel stand out. Our overlays are easy to download and implement on your stream. We have guides on our site that show you how to use the stream overlays so you can make your Twitch layout look awesome.